#Camping’s Breakfast of Champions


IMG_4872After a great night sleep under the stars with the large canopy trees swaying their branches providing a gentle breeze through the mesh of my tent, I woke to streams of sunlight and the birds happily singing to each other. My body creaked and cracked getting out of my two-person tent but I could hardly wait for a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I was the early riser and am often the first and only person awake when camping. I love coffee in general but there is something magical about the warm, aroma of coffee sipped while experiencing nature’s sites and sounds early in the morning. After making a giant mug of coffee, I head to the dock on the Patuxent River where I had a great view of the river to observe the hustle and bustle of animal activity.

IMG_4861Annually for the last four years, our family has been camping with three others on the Patuxent River. We share meals together with each family being responsible for bringing and cooking one meal. Some of us prefer to make dinner while others prefer breakfast. I like to make dinner and usually cook all the fixing for burritos; a crowd pleaser for picky eaters and those with a specific diet. One family took breakfast very seriously this year and made a feast that any king or queen would be proud to eat – mind you we are camping and there is one Coleman stove. Here was the menu that fueled our hike for that day:IMG_4871

Banana bread

Bacon cooked on the campfire

  • Pancakes and syrup
  • Scrambled egg, cheese and bacon english muffin sandwiches

It was a three course breakfast, which left me in awe!

IMG_4867What do you think the kids ate? Yup, you guessed it, the pancakes and syrup; oh and the bacon too. They did leave some for the parents though. And yes, parents opted for the protein enriched egg sandwiches to fuel their bodies. With our bellies full of carbohydrates and protein, we set off for a kid-friendly hike through the wetlands and the upland forests along the river. A royal-sized breakfast enabled the kids to be full of energy to run, drag downed tree branches and sing the national anthem with gusto, proving that this breakfast was a breakfast of champions.IMG_4864


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